Armin Schanz 2018



Armin Schanz Atelier (2018)


1960 born in Mannheim (Germany)

1981 university-entrance diploma

1981 first individuel exhibition

1982-1988 study of fine arts and history of art

1983 first multimedia working process (Movie “Les sentiments secret”, first appearance: Klapsmühl’ at the city hall Mannheim)

1986/87 scholarship from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Amsterdam.


M.A. phil Armin “Armón” Schanz


Professional career

1989-2005 Leading position in the branch of movie and multimedia. Also substantial discussion with photoart and using the posibilities of photoart.

2006 Focus on the using art with new inspirations, new motives and techniques.


Working process of art

In the working process of his art are used the different modern multimedia technologies. Objets trouvée, i.e. accidentaly foundes or consciously searched objects like underwear, postcards, magazine-cuttings or clothes and other pieces, which should stand in relationship to the persons going to act in the pantings, are scanned or stick of and distanced.

Later at the process the objets trouvées will be painted over. Photos are involved and also videograbbings from videoperformances.

Affected to the new added paintings some levels are arising and others are dissapearing. The artist likes to add sheets taken from old scetch-books of his own. The paintings over are done in different techniques.

He sets high value on an expressive stroke of the brush, the free modeling of the figures, the bursting of the colors under releasing the original form.








To take a look at the working process... click on the photo


National and international exhibitions i.a.

Mannheim (e.g. Kunstverein)          

Heidelberg (DAI)                    

Baden-Baden (Galerie “Kleiner Prinz”)

Bonn (Konrad-Adenauer-Haus)

Düsseldorf (Ratschlägersaal)

Wien (Kongresshaus)

Amsterdam (Zenthuis)





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